April 2023

Posted: May 2023

This year is really flying by for me, and I can hardly believe we're nearly at the end of April. This month always makes me think about my mum, not only because her birthday was in April, but also because she loved the Disney film, Bambi, and I find myself singing the song from it.. "drip drip drop little April showers...". My apologies if I've just given you an earworm!

Some Recent Creations

Recent makes: White Howlite Teardrop Pendant, Hammered Flower Earrings, Aquamarine Triangle Pendant

You'll find more images and details for these on my website:

How I Fayred in Willersey

Last weekend I attended my first craft fair for 2023, in the lovely little Cotswolds village of Willersey. It was a lovely event, with a great bunch of friendly stall holders selling a range of hand crafted creations and I enjoyed being able to display my jewellery and chat with people about it. The highlight of the day though, was a surprise visit from my second cousin, who I hadn’t seen for a long long time. Very much looking forward to the next one in Broadway (details below).

Next Craft Fair

Saturday 27 May 

Broadway Lifford Hall, WR12 7BU 

11:00am – 3:00pm

Broadway is a lovely Cotswold town, a great place for a visit. Do come along. It will be lovely to see you. Who know what surprises will be in store! ​

Birthstone for May is Emerald

Here’s a fun fact for you: Most precious gemstones can be found in a variety of colours, however emeralds are only ever green. The emerald symbolises loyalty, fresh starts, peace and security, which makes emerald jewellery an extra meaningful gift, lovely to give and receive.

Emerald Earrings 

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