February 2023

Posted: February 2023

Hello. I hope you are keeping well and have been able to enjoy some of the warm February sunshine we’ve had recently. I’m very grateful to have been able to get out for some nice walks in the countryside. It always does me a power of good to get some fresh air in my lungs, feel the sun on my face. And isn’t it great to see the Spring springing up! 

Thank you for all the lovely positive comments and feedback about my website, which is lovely to hear and much appreciated. 

New Creations

Back at my workbench I’ve been having creative fun working on some new silver pendant designs. This is my favourite so far. I need to photograph it properly before I can list it for sale. The stone is a faceted slice of rhodolite garnet, a gorgeous pomegranate pip pink, and when held up to the light, you can see right through it. More of these will be coming soon. 

Birthstone for March is Aquamarine

I have a handful of gorgeous watery sea-blue aquamarine stones ready to be worked into jewellery over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the website if you’re looking for a gift for someone’s birthday!

 Aquamarine represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth. It is also thought to give comfort and aid emotional healing. It is considered to be a protective stone, particularly for those at sea and in ancient times sailors believed it would bring them safe passage.

Mothers’ Day is on March 19th

I’ve always wondered who chooses which Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I Googled it (as you do) and found that Mothering Sunday was originally a church celebration that started in the UK in the 16th century, and is always celebrated three weeks before Easter. At that time it was considered important for people to attend their home or 'mother' church once a year. So the tradition started, in the middle of Lent, everyone would visit the main church or cathedral of their area. Servants were given the day off so that they could go home to their families to attend church with them, and so it became an occasion for family reunions, and has in more recent times become the celebration we know today as Mothers’ Day. A day to remember, celebrate and appreciate all of our mums.  Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas: 

Jasmine Leaf Silver Stud Earrings  -  Faceted Black Spinel Chunky Hammered Silver Ring  -  Silver Curve & Turquoise Dangly Earrings

Can’t decide?

If you're struggling to decide what to buy as a gift, vouchers are the perfect solution. Let the lucky recipient choose something special for themselves! (I’m sorry that discount codes cannot be used when buying gift vouchers). 

Next month there will be Craft Fayre news. An opportunity to meet and chat with me in person, and browse my jewellery in real life. 

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